Sunday, September 9, 2007

Bird Market

...or What Retirement Could Look Like

Another Saturday, another wild excursion for Jeff and Celine while the kids are having fun at home with Ayi.

Today we headed off to west Beijing to the bird market. Our goal was not to buy any birds but invest in some bird cages as a souvenir of a typical “sight” of Beijing. In Beijing, lots of old men like to “walk” their birds usually early in the morning and gather together with friends at a park to chat. So Jeff tough that he should start thinking about what he would do once he retires and we are now the proud owner of not only one but two bird cages with all the trimmings…. If you are going to imitate, you’d better go all the way!!!

Jeffrey looking at what his life will be after retirement!

Another beautiful day

Retirement's gonna be so cool

They also sell birds and crickets

And for those of you who always wanted to know what your chinchilla coat looked like before it was on your back...

So cute