Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Back to School...

...The Schoolhouse of the Great Wall of Mutianyu

Today with a group of friends from the British Club (I know I don’t have any link with the British but they say that “Though British by name we welcome any nationalities…. Even the Froggy" - well they actually don’t say that last part!) we went to visit the quaint village of Mutianyu which is right by the Great Wall. After a visit around the village and to an old house we had lunch in what use to be the class room of the village, all in all a nice time outside of the city.


The Schoolhouse of the Great Wall of Mutianyu is a sustainable tourist project, incorporating the use of existing building, hiring and training local staff, sourcing food products locally, and making handicrafts on site.

More details at:
http://www.theschoolhouseatmutianyu.com/ and http://www.mutianyugreatwall.net/