Friday, August 17, 2007

We Are Back Home

...i.e Beijing

We are back in Beijing so we are back home. Most Expats would say that they are going back home when they leave on their summer break. I see it the other way around. For now Beijing is home and France is where we have a house, since we haven’t actually lived, worked or even been to school there in the last 10 years. (apart from those 10 months “sound-like-an-expat-but-without-the-benefits” in Pau!!)

So as I was saying we are back in China and I, Celine, can finally get MY vacation, because let’s put it frankly with no ayi, kids out of school, babysitting my 2 nephews and working on our house ….This is not what I call vacation!!

I’m not complaining but 6 weeks seems to have flown by so fast. We still had time to enjoy the “good-one-day-bad-one-day” weather, the July’s “Soldes” (bi-annually sales in France), have a few friends over for BBQ, we even managed a 2-day trip to Paris (see next post)…oh I almost forgot: a trip to the emergency room at 1.00 am courtesy of Jeremy’s opened left eyebrow!

I’m getting back to the habit of eating the air around me when I’m outside and not breathing it!!! My level of oxygen was almost getting too high and my lung couldn’t take it anymore, they are back to their ‘it-feels-like-I’m-smoking-two-pack-a-day” self!!!

Two more days to get over the jet lag, then the kids will be back in school and mommy to her normal life (coffee, luncheons, massages…) well until she’s back on the roller coaster of Culture Shocks which will probably hit again sometimes in the following days…weeks…months?.

Home/House Sweet Home/House!!