Saturday, August 25, 2007

Things I've Learned...

...When I Was In France

  • You don’t tell the store person: “I’m not paying that price, so I’ll give you… (price/10)
  • You keep on wondering if you’ve paid the right price and if the store person didn’t charge you double because you are a rich westerner (oh sorry pleonasm here: a westerner is rich by definition!!!)
  • People don’t stop you every 5 minutes when you walk through town to take your picture (so THAT’S what being non-famous feels like!)
  • People don’t stop you to tell you how beautiful your kids are (Don’t they see how precious they are??? Ccome on people take the time to compliment me on my offspring -how can they dare not to!!!)
  • You are the only one to look after your kids and nobody will stop them from crossing the street in front of a car (how selfish)
  • You realized you can actually survive WITHOUT eating rice every single day. (But still Uncle’s Benz non-sticky rice is a real treat)
  • You cannot ask for a menu with picture to help you make your choice… (“I’m having problems visualizing what this dish might look like”)
  • You have to be careful of what you say at all time since every one can understand you.
  • 4th (for me the 14th) of July crowd at the fireworks show looks like a small back yard gathering (less than 8 persons/sqm is NOT considered crowded)
  •  Again the 4th of July firework looks pretty lame (WHAT?, the finale is actually only on the finale?, and what about 15 days of firecrackers right under your windows and 1 yard away from your feet to celebrate, just like for Chinese New Year?)
  • You mean first I have to find a parking spot, then park the car and finally walk to where I’m supposed to go (They could at least have valet parking everywhere since I don’t have a chauffeur)
  • You don’t tell your friend let’s go have a pedicure, manicure and while we are at it let’s finish with a (foot) massage (you cannot afford it here!!)
  • You don’t have luncheon at fine restaurants 5 days of the week (you mean you need to cook lunch on top of dinner).