Friday, June 8, 2007

Radio Show, Fashion Show, Happy Hour...

...What Did You Do Today

Because this is what I did today. I know not everybody is a TaiTai but somebody’s got to do it and somehow I must have raised my hand!!!

Today was a busy day and it was funny how it turned out since every event was somehow linked to one another:

I started the day at a local radio station for an interview about the life of an expat. I met the host of the talk show at a INN meeting (International Newcomers Network) when she heard my friends babbling about me becoming the vice-president of the French group and was interested to interview me about my background as an expat in our previous postings and in China.

With Jane the Host

I then went to a Fashion show invited by my friend Violaine who knew the stylist. The link between the two events so far: well at the show I met Camille… Camille has LE blog of the French community here in Beijing and I used to read it a lot when I first arrived. But what’s funny is that this morning at the radio station Jane, the host, mentioned her to me because she interviewed here a few months back (she’s French, I’m French…. What other reasons do you need?) and I then bump into her at the show. I couldn’t NOT go and introduce myself, so I did (so out-of-character for me!!)

Fashion Show by Esmod

I definitely could not round up this nice day in front of the TV with microwave dinner and it just happened that INN was organizing an Happy Hour, where I also bumped into a girl I met at the Fashion show a few hours before (yet another French girl… they seem to be everywhere nowadays and invading my space). It was also a nice way of finishing the day and come full circle since I met the radio host at an INN meeting.

Happy Hour at Centro

And to finish up this article…here’s a quote to ponder upon:

There is no pleasure in having nothing to do;
the fun is in having lots to do and not doing it.

Mary Wilson Little

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Happy Hour at Centro (INN)