Friday, May 25, 2007

Vote For Me!!!

Today is a really important day since the 250+ members of Pekin Accueil (Association of French Speakers; aimed at expats living in Beijing) get a chance to vote for their new representatives!!!!

After much begging (and a nice email that convinced me) I decided to get on the list as future Vice President of Pekin Accueil (P.A). There was not much of suspense since we were the only candidates and everyone was relieved that we decided to sacrifice our life for the future of the Association. They still can vote no to our list….

Update - The results are in:
Only 68 people came to vote (that's an impressive 73% abstention!!) 67 votes OUI and 1 vote NON… Christie, Magalie, Hui Ying, Valerie and Myself are the new face of Pekin Accueil. Now if I could get an hold of the one who voted NON!!