Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

...Two Down, Two to Go.

You see I’ve got 4 Mother’s days to celebrate every year.

Chloe was born in Argentina and they celebrate Mother’s Day on the third Sunday in October (It’s spring there…so it’s easier/cheaper (?) for the flowers), Jeremy was born in Scotland and there it’s on the 4th Sunday of the Lent or 3 weeks before Easter Sunday. Then we have the US one (same as China by the way) for Jeffrey which is on the second Sunday in May while the French celebrate their Mother on the last Sunday in May… But really isn’t it every day Mother’s day?

Good thing I’ve got Google calendar to keep all the dates straight

Mother’s Day
Fête des Mères
Día de la Madre
母亲节 Mu3 Qin1 Jie2