Friday, April 13, 2007


...Sea, SexY and Sun

The second part of our trip took us to Sanya in the Hainan Province which is also an island and is often described as the “Chinese Hawaii”.

Here’s a little map to help you find it:

So that's where the Chinese Hawaii is...

Once you are at Yalong bay you could be anywhere in the world (well, where there is water, a sandy beach and sun of course!).

Paradise looks like paradise anywhere in the world

But what made Sanya really attractive this year was because it hosted the Mr. World Competition!!!

The World’s Most Desirable Men Are Here!!

And the Winner is…
So just to let you know and because I take my job as a blogger very seriously (even if postings are sporadic) the winner of this year competition as “the world’s most desirable man” was Juan Garcia from Spain, followed by Lucas Gil from Brazil (Latinos are Calientes this year) and without any surprise (Do I hear a pinch of sarcasm?!) Lejun Tony Jiang from People’s Republic of China.
And because I know you want to see what they look like here’s the link