Sunday, February 4, 2007

Spring Is Finally Here...

...Even If The Temperature Don't Show It

Today is officially the beginning of spring and it has nothing to do with GMT this time. Chinese being Chinese, seasons in China differs from Europe or the USA. In Western countries, we consider that the seasons start at the solstices (longest day of the year marks the beginning of Summer and the shortest day of the year marks the beginning of Winter) and at the equinoxes (the 2 days in the year when day and night have the same length, start of Spring and Autumn). In Asia they are considered to be halfway through a season. So for 2007 the calendar goes:

  • 立春 (Lichun - Spring): February 4
  • 立下 (Lixia - Summer): May 5
  • 立秋 (Liqiu - Autumn): August 7
  • 立冬 (Lidong - Winter) : November 7

Some trees are already blooming

These dates are valid for 2007 and slightly vary (+/-1 day) from year to year.