Monday, May 25, 2009

D/J -40...

...It's Too Late For A Visit

First of all in a little over a month we’ll be out of here and second for those of you who were planning to finally come see us while on your way to China’s First Adult Theme Park I have to report that’s too late!

China's first adult theme park never able to open

The first sexually explicit theme park to be erected in China will never welcome its first guest. The park was torn down because of criticism from public officials. In particular, the artwork was a bit much for the politicians' sensibilities.

Love Land, as the park was to be called, was scheduled to open in Chongqin in October.

The park would have offered exhibits on sexual history and workshops for guests on how to improve their love lives.

The lack of subtlety, I suspect, made things difficult for Love Land. The sign at the front had a woman's legs – with a red thong just above – straddling the park's name. Over the weekend, city officials ordered the park's destruction, calling it "vulgar, ill-minded and misleading."

Too late

Well at least Auchan (another French supermarket much like Carrefour/Jialefu) is not shy about sexy lingerie

Sexy is back