Tuesday, October 7, 2008

One Cannot Go To Japan...

...And Not Talk About Toilets!

So first of all here’s the picture:

So many options...

So many options, so little time… Do I want a warm heated seat, a bidet function with a strong or weak water flow, have my backside spritz and dried and let’s not forget the deodorization and the auto flushing.

Some customers are willing to fork over amounts ranging from about $750 to nearly $2,000 (before attaching the toilet itself!). High-end all-in-one toilets can run $5,000

In Japan – where Western-style commodes replaced the traditional squat-style affair only three decades ago – the porcelain throne has attained something of a royal status. A quotidian workhorse is now a high-tech, multifeatured must-have that elicits almost reverential observations.
For Japanese today, it’s so important that one type of toilet seat is an advertised feature at hotels. The Washlet – a seat that adds a bidet function and so much more to a regular toilet – evokes warm feelings. That may be, in part, because some of the toilets literally heat up and light up when you walk in the room. […] The fixtures are found in 70 percent of residential homes and in countless public facilities.