Saturday, December 8, 2007

It's Party Time...

...With The Frenchies

Pekin Accueil the French association which keeps my daily agenda full and my evenings busy throw their Christmas party tonight at Dashanzi…. If this name sounds familiar it’s because I was there 10 days ago and 5 weeks ago. The venue was fantastic even if it might not be the best choice in the dead of winter


Little recap: It all started innocently 6 months ago… would I like to get involved in the French Association Pekin Accueil (a sort of newcomers welcome group for French speaker)? No thanks, me and the French group sometimes we don’t see eyes to eyes… but after a nice long email from Christie, who will become the president, I somehow ended up vice president and ‘in charge’ of the website… website that will become my new baby and everybody knows that new babies need a lot of attention. So my evenings are busy because our webmaster is in France (ie 7 hours behind Beijing). It does make it easier to have somebody who can reads and writes in French (we’ve got all those weird accents!) and because he’s also the son-in-law of one of our members, he gave us a break on the bill (and that’s not counting the numbers of time I skyped him either when I have a problem) but it does make me work at odd hours. So here’s the before and after shot:

Out with the "old"

Make room for the "new"

And because you want to see it for real… but for the important page just click here!