Sunday, November 5, 2006

If That's Not A Good Life...

..Then I Don't Know What Is

Playing games on the internet seems to be my latest passion. Well it’s not that difficult, let me tell you how to do it

  1. you need to turn the computer on (It’s the big button)
  2. wait until the mountains come on (windows background screen)
  3. then you need to push on the orange and blue button (we use firefox!!)
  4. and nickjr is bookmarked on the toolbar…
  5. After that it’s a piece of cake to go from one game to another.

And when it’s time for lunch, Ayi just feeds me lunch in the room... but I’m not suppose to do that so don’t tell maman!

Surfing the Internet while being fed by Ayi!

Reporting from Beijing (China), Jeremy Q.

Note by Maman: I think it’s time to go to school (in January) before he’s totally spoiled.